Optimal Financial Centre Inc officially became a federally incorporated company, on October 21, 2010. But we are by no means newcomers in the Insurance Industry. To learn more about where it all started; click here

“By changing our structure, part of what we are doing is acknowledging that we are now firmly entrenched in a new way of serving our clients,” said CEO and co-founder, Guylaine Gauvin.  “Over the last 4 years, we have evolved from representing one insurance company, to offering most insurance companies in Canada that is wholly devoted to bringing the best options on the table.” 

“When we were captive advisors, we constantly told our clients that the captive distribution channel was the best.  But now, it’s not just about finding a right product.  It’s about finding the perfect opportunity for our customers to meet their financial goals.  So, our focus hasn’t changed one bit.  It’s all about the client making the right decision for them, with the right product.”    


Financial Planning should be easy and transparent for every Canadian to get the best advice, for their plan, on their terms. You should have access to best coverage & rates.

Our unique business offering enables Independent Financial Professionals to do much more for their clients.  We are working hard with our clients to help them make decisions regarding their Financial Plan. Optimal Financial provides Canadians with a one stop shopping convenience through our Independent Financial Advisor channel offering a wide range of Insurance Products, Wealth Management, Mortgages and Travel Insurance. 

We are confident that one of our team of over 45 Financial Advisors will be able to find the right insurance solution for you.  We work for you, not for the Insurance Company.  We will give you independent advice.  More choices offer more options to meet your financial goals plus save you time. Let us do the work and bring you options!  No obligation! You talk to us about your plans and we will bring options to you! 

Discover your options!  Make the right decision to fit your Financial Plan.

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In 1997 Optimal Financial Centre co-founder, Guylaine Gauvin started as a Financial Advisor.  She then accepted a position managing a captive sales force for a well-known Insurance Company in New-Brunswick.

In 1998 Optimal Financial Centre co-founder Rene Hache brought his knowledge of the banking industry to a career in financial planning industry.  Then he rapidly made his mark in building and managing a captive sales force for a well-recognized Insurance Company.   

In the first decade of 2000, the Canadian insurance market started to change radically.  By 2010, most Insurance Advisors in Canada who were representing only one insurance company changed to Insurance Advisor Brokers. 

Offering products needed by clients and devoted to serving their clients’ needs on a product level.  Rene and Guylaine then founded a new financial insurance brokerage firm and “Optimal Financial Centre” was born. 

The switch in changing how we offer our services provide Canadians with a one stop shopping convenience.
We have over 45 Independent Financial Advisor offering a wide range of Insurance Products, Wealth Management, Mortgages and Travel Insurance in NB, NS, PEI, NFLD and Ontario.

We have the Financial Advice to meet your needs.

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